About CaptainCyber

Created in January 2020 by Sylvan Ravinet, an expert in cybersecurity for more than 15 years, CaptainCyber is the first digital platform that transforms corporate stakeholders into committed cybersecurity actors, ambassadors and detects future experts.

Our vocation: to contribute to a better cyber resilience of our economies, States and civil society through the mobilization of managers, employees and cyber teams.

With our unique mobile application, innovative media and training content, and an advanced analytics infrastructure, we enable people and organizations to learn how to better understand cyber matters, measure their progress, make cyber security a habit, and in so doing, reduce risks, reduce financial losses and ultimately generate more revenue.

Every day, employees take responsibility for protecting themselves against cyber attacks.

The CaptainCyber Enterprise digital platform accelerates communication with all stakeholders in a global enterprise and measures the performance and value of cyber resilience - the ability of a company to withstand cyber attacks.