Yassir Kazar, Yogosha - A Cyber Hero by CaptainCyber

Yassir Kazar, Yogosha - A Cyber Hero by CaptainCyber

Who are you?

I am a hacker entrepreneur in the world of cybersecurity.

What is Yogosha?

Yogosha is a platform that connects companies with a community of ethical hackers who will detect security flaws in these companies, with a simple model in the middle called bug bounty, that is to say that companies will pay for the flaw detected.

What does cybersecurity mean to you?

I think that cybersecurity is not only a cross-cutting issue, but also one that is becoming the very DNA of our companies in societies where we are hyperconnected, where employees have phones and devices that they bring with them to work, for example. They have access to files, they have access to more and more shared resources. They definitely have a role to play in cybersecurity. Now, I think it's also in the hands of the management teams to become aware of this subject and to make the various employees responsible. Not by scaring them, not by blaming them, but by giving them the means to understand what is at stake in cybersecurity and to become actors themselves, i.e. to give them the mechanisms that allow them to raise alerts themselves by saying "Hey, I received a strange email and I'm going to send an email to the security team".

The place of the human in cyber ?

There will always be this famous art of compromise that needs to be found between what is human, what is the automation solution, what is strategy. But the central question that we must ask ourselves before doing anything is what is the value of it? Because we won't be able to protect everything. We won't be able to control everything. We won't be able to control everything. We are in chaotic environments. We are in societies where the future is uncertain. It is more a question of societal projects on which multidisciplinary approaches are needed. It's not the Cyber people who are going to answer. We need sociologists, technicians, and physicists, because the IOT connects the physical world and the digital world. There are a lot of questions, but we're getting into a social issue, what kind of society we imagine for tomorrow, in which humans will find their place and machines will find their place.

Any advice for a CEO?

As soon as you have a doubt, there is no doubt when you have a doubt, you should not act, you should not click. If I have to give advice to companies, it means that I will give it to the leaders. I think that for the manager, he has to get into a state of mind where he has to see cybersecurity as an investment and not as a cost center, as a competitive advantage and not as a ball and chain that we drag. I think that companies that understand this will have an easier time positioning themselves in the markets of the future.