Stanislas de Maupeou, Thales - A Cyber Hero by CaptainCyber

Stanislas de Maupeou, Thales - A Cyber Hero by CaptainCyber

What is Thales?

Thales is a high-tech industrial company serving the most demanding customers with major safety and security challenges, particularly in the transportation, aerospace, ground transportation, security and defense markets.

Cybersecurity in two words...

There are no more operational systems that are designed without IT. IT is omnipresent and irrigates all systems. This means opportunities, but also risks. So the challenge is to ensure the resilience of these systems and to provide confidence. This is the key issue for us, cybersecurity.

What is the main challenge in cybersecurity?

The challenge today, I would say that there are 2 key challenges, is to design systems that are secure, secure, no design in the design of systems, in developments, in the architecture and also, once the systems are in operation, is to be able to detect as quickly as possible, ie before the main consequences, the attacks, and to produce in time a reaction to prevent the consequences. It is really because cybersecurity, the design issue, anticipate threats and in a system in operation with a threat that evolves every day, be able to detect attacks and respond in time.

Are we good or not in Europe?

We have no alternative, we must provide solutions, products and services at the European level to ensure cybersecurity. We have no choice. This probably means that we will have to cooperate to address this issue together. And this is really one of the major dimensions, probably of a European cybersecurity policy, and the Cyber Act contributes to this.

Do we need automation everywhere?

The message I would like to convey is that we need data scientists, we need talent to exploit all the potential of artificial intelligence. This is one of the big challenges because we are in a talent shortage situation.

We need automation, we need artificial intelligence, but at the same time, we need talent to give all the potentialities of artificial intelligence.

Is there still a place for humans?

Of course, the human being is at the heart, the human being is at the heart because artificial intelligence will be able to give all that is expected of it, if we have people who are capable of using it. So, artificial intelligence is not going to do without human talent and resources at all. We need them, but probably with new profiles, with new career paths, and this is part of our transformation.

As a family, what to do on the cyber side?

Don't leave a computer locked up with a child in a room. Put it in a place where the parents can pass by. This is also a way to make sure there isn't a stalking operation going on. Don't isolate your children behind a screen in a closed room.