Ian Rogers, LVMH - A Cyber Hero by CaptainCyber

Ian Rogers, LVMH - A Cyber Hero by CaptainCyber

hat is your cyber identity ?

My name is Ian Rogers, the chief digital officer at LVMH. And my job is to help our maison with digital transformation that we're all living through at the moment.

Explain the cybersecurity in your job ?

We all have sensitive materials on our computers, and we develop applications that touch the public and our ports that are open to the wild. And we need to make sure that that they that they pass reviews.

What advice would you give to leaders ?

Trying to put an atmosphere of healthy paranoia and care into the heads of everyone because we all could be in a situation where we're subject to a phishing attack and you could leak important company documents. Every everybody had those attacks. So I think that we're all engaged in just trying to get people to think about it.

What advice would you give to employees ?

It's a place where you should be pessimistic. I try to generally be optimistic, but when it comes to cybersecurity pessimism pays off. I had a friend who said to me once "the thing about being a pessimist is eventually, you're right". I think you can't be so paranoid that you do not progress.

What could be the take away ?

Don't take it for granted. Go get some security training. Unfortunately, security of any kind is much more obvious once you've been breached. You know, I was burglarized in Paris and I thought a lot more about the security of my apartment after the burglary. My advice would be go get some cyber security training now before you need it, because it sucks to be doing it out of necessity.